Meeting Your Business Broker

At our first meeting, we will discuss your business, its history, current conditions, your ideas regarding an exit strategy and your  needs in this regard.

Your company’s current value might be $X and your goal might be to sell at $2X.  SSA will work with you on a strategic plan to achieve those goals.  You are much more likely to reach your target if you have a “roadmap” to help get you there.

You may not wish to sell 100% of your business - perhaps you would be best served by either bringing in a working partner or to sell a majority share to a Private Equity Group.  You would retain a minority holding, still be involved in the business, with the chance of a second “bite” of the apple a few years down the road.

At this meeting, it would be very helpful if you had a current Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet, and at least the compiled statements and tax returns for the prior three years.

When we feel “comfortable” with each other, the next stage would be to evaluate the business and discuss the timing that would produce the best possible result.

It’s quite possible that just a few months delay would give you an opportunity to change and/or modify some details that would place your business in a more favorable light on the marketplace.

Prior to marketing your company, we will prepare all the materials - color brochure, HD Video, Recast accounts, dedicated website, etc - that will give your business the widest and best exposure possible.

We emphasize that at no time will you pay our firm any upfront fees.

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