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About Solomons Strategic Advisors

SSA are one of the leading firms of
Certified Business Brokers in California

Our team has over fifty years of experience guiding business owners through complex transactions and obtaining superior values and terms when they exit their companies.

Using unique proprietary marketing methods and the latest technologies, our business brokers are able to expose your opportunity to the broadest possible target market while retaining complete confidentiality.

You only get one opportunity to sell your business – having SSA on your side ensures the best possible outcome. Our fee structure is no more, and often less than other brokers.

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Strategic Planning

Would you drive from Los Angeles to New York without a clear idea of direction or distance? Of course not!

Similarly with your business. You need a “road map” to to help you reach you goals. You might veer off route occasionally, but as long as you keep to the general plan and direction, you’re less likely to get “lost” along the way.

SSA have been helping companies of all sizes with their Strategic Planning for several years.

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