Why Choose Us

We emphasize that at no time will you pay our firm any upfront fees.


SSA have extensive experience across all industries. Using this depth of knowledge, we bring a unique perspective to the table in targeting the ideal group of buyers.


Our experience in all levels of transactions enables us to guide you smoothly through the whole process – from preparation for market, contract negotiations, due diligence and final close and transition.

Unique Marketing Methods

We prepare a dedicated video “tour” of your business and a detailed color brochure. These are placed on a secure, confidential website that enables us to target and attract a very broad base of buyers in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Team Has Over Fifty Years Experience of Closing Successful Transactions

We work closely with you through every step of the process. We explain every part of the process in detail, and anticipate any “issues” along the way in order to avoid “surprises”.

Our unique technology and proprietary sales and marketing methods ensures your business achieves a wide audience while maintaining total confidentiality.

Our fee structure is “success” based and is no more and often less than ordinary brokers.