From past Clients

We have completed two acquisitions with Julian. In the first transaction he represented the sellers and in the second, he represented us as buyers. In each instance, Julian was instrumental to making the deal happen in an efficient and professional manner. As is to be expected, each deal had moments when tensions ran high and the deal was in doubt. Julian was able to diffuse the situation to ensure that both sides were happy and considered the transaction fair. Julian brings a level of professionalism that is rare to deals under $20M. We look forward to working with Julian again in the future.

Michael Blitz - President, National Data & Surveying Services, Los Angeles, CA

I felt a confidence that Julian was more than able to execute. There is always salesmanship in “making the deal”, but Solomons enumerated and listed data that clearly sold me on the transaction based on its past performance. He did not change the game as it progressed, he was consistent.

Paul Cronin - President, Johnson Precision Products, Inc., Santa Ana, CA

I had run my company for twenty years. I’d tried to sell my business for about five years with no success. I did not enjoy that experience one bit! Then I met Julian and all the apprehension I felt about business brokers and my uncertainty about the salability of the business evaporated. Julian helped me through every step of putting together the necessary financials required. He produced an excellent video about my business, went off and did whatever he does, and I had a solid buyer in just three weeks! He then organized the funding for the buyer so I got the terms I wanted at a time when the banking system was in chaos. To me that all seems amazing! We closed, I got the money, the handover period went easily and now I’ve moved on to the next chapter of my life. I can’t promise you such a smooth sale yet I’m quite sure that Julian will help you feel comfortable about whatever part of the process you’re in. Focused, efficient, and highly knowledgeable, he brings a lightness and humor to every situation. He did a great job for me. I was very happy how it all turned out.

Richard Trigg - former owner of The Unknown Artist Sign Company, Costa Mesa, CA

Julian is a professional, first class businessman who understands the inner workings of success and how to get there. His straightforward and honest approach to solving issues in the business world is refreshing. We have had the privilege to work on many business acquisition deals with Julian. His expertise and marketing savvy has been evident in every transaction.

Jim Roby - Senior VP/SBA Manager, Gilmore Bank, Los Angeles, CA

Julian and I worked together several years ago on an acquisition. He introduced me to the deal, facilitated negotiations and worked hard for the transaction. I found Julian insightful, good at negotiations, quick witted and helpful to the process overall.

Ross Baldwin - President, TACNA Services, Inc., San Diego, CA

Julian is a strategic thinker that you can count on to deliver results. His depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in mergers and acquisitions makes him a clear standout from the rest of the pack. He is skilled at communicating business opportunities and can quickly identify executable, go-to-market initiatives for revenue enhancement. Julian is skilled at articulating issues and providing actionable solutions.

Lou Basenese - former business owner, Orange County, CA

It’s been over 6 years since Julian and I consummated our first deal. I purchased Seatz Manufacturing, and it couldn’t have worked out better. Solomons’ thoughtful guidance during the whole purchase process and the subsequent acquisition of DashCare helped give me the confidence I needed.

Bryan Rolfe - Owner, Seatz Manufacturing & DashCare.com, Anaheim, CA

Julian is an expert people person and problem solver. He understands business and how to simplify an apparently complex transaction. Most importantly, I found that when negotiating the sale of my business, it was critical to have someone in the middle to keep everyone on board throughout the transaction including buyer, seller, all related business partners and even the bank. Julian helped me sell two business for much more than I was told possible from other business brokers.

Brian Reeves - President, AQSIS, Corp., Laguna Niguel, CA

I purchase a small family owned business through Julian and found him to be very reliable and able to keep all aspects of the sale/purchase moving forward. I felt he represented both seller and buyer interests in an open, honest way. I would recommend Julian to handle the transaction of any sale or purchase of a business as well as strategizing for increased value.

Dan DeMille - Owner Reichert’s Signs Inc., Santa Ana, CA

I can’t say enough about Julian Solomons. He assisted me in the purchase of a business. During that process he was professional, knowledgeable and exhibited an extremely high level of integrity and honesty. I was dealing with a difficult seller, and without Julian I would never have been able to close the deal.

Mike Tripp - Owner, The Closet Factory, Fanwood, NJ

Julian Solomons not only has unique capabilities in putting together major transactions, he also has significant expertise in strategic planning, financial management, and business development. Julian has been a great asset to our company as we have grown.

John Hall - CEO, Greenwood & Hall, Santa Ana, CA and College Station, TX