Richard Trigg

I had run my company for twenty years. I’d tried to sell my business for about five years with no success. I did not enjoy that experience one bit! Then I met Julian and all the apprehension I felt about business brokers and my uncertainty about the salability of the business evaporated. Julian helped me through every step of putting together the necessary financials required. He produced an excellent video about my business, went off and did whatever he does, and I had a solid buyer in just three weeks! He then organized the funding for the buyer so I got the terms I wanted at a time when the banking system was in chaos. To me that all seems amazing! We closed, I got the money, the handover period went easily and now I’ve moved on to the next chapter of my life. I can’t promise you such a smooth sale yet I’m quite sure that Julian will help you feel comfortable about whatever part of the process you’re in. Focused, efficient, and highly knowledgeable, he brings a lightness and humor to every situation. He did a great job for me. I was very happy how it all turned out.

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